Intelligent Unlocking of Data

Why Digitize ai?

Unlock data from any scanned document and format. Powered by AI, Digitize learns and makes your data available in a queryable form to expose insights and value in today’s locked data.

How Digitize ai Works

Simplified Access to Documents accesses data from your source. You control the documents for fast implementation.

AI Learns Unstructured Context

The model learns your industry data and terminology to provide the proper context to deliver insight.

Fast Access Search & Reporting

A natural language search and simple reporting eliminate the back-breaking and time-consuming work of finding data.

Digital Transformation without the Pain, Expense, and Time

Digitize AI Search

"Find all documents containing..."

Healthcare learns the healthcare language for intelligent search and reporting. Now access hand-written patient records, prescriptions, and more.

Financial Services

Search contracts, loan agreements, and other documents to identify language, patterns, compliance risks, and fraud. No more digging for files.


Unstructured data is now available to search and report. Shipping manifests, bills of material, and more are online to dig into the details.


  • Search Engine Deployment
  • Document Data Extraction
  • Data Transformation
  • Model Training
  • User Training
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  • All Standard Capabilities
  • Automated Data Loading
  • Manual Data Verification
  • Correction Reporting
  • Enterprise Support
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