Automated Data Extraction with AI

Capture, Classify and Extract Data From Any Documents

Our Specialties

Team as a Service allows you easy access to dedicated teams of development experts to advance your project from ideation to launch

Unlock unstructured data from PDFs, scanned documents, pictures, and any format gaining insights into information locked in files

User-defined software solutions & AI exploratory projects designed for your unique business needs that work as your competitive advantage

Our Teams At your Services

How Cardamons Consistent, Highly Skilled Teams Shorten Timelines and Advance Your Business Objectives

Good Help Is Hard To Find

As teams grow and software evolves, development teams can find themselves in need of quality help. But it is tough to know when you will need reinforcements. Finding qualified candidates is no walk in the park.

Organizations around the world rely on Cardamons to add development capacity, control overhead, and complete tasks that make most teams sweat.

Our Teams…

Assembled from a highly skilled talent pool.

Eliminate recruiting and development overhead

Rapidly scalable and can be transitioned to permanent

US based Project Management with the ability to span across timezones

Trained on Distributed Agile and practice continuous communications

Specialize in software development, Machine Learning, and AI

Frictionless Execution


The Cardamons leadership and client stakeholders align on the scope and the critical tasks

Team Selection

Based on the requirements and client input, a project manager is selected along with the skills and knowledge to deliver.


We schedule onboarding sessions, review code and process details, and set up the necessary infrastructure


Our teams begin development on your project and the US provides continuous updates

A Reliable Affordable Software Development Team