Team as a Service (TaaS)

Effortless access to distributed teams
when you want it; how you want it

team as a service

With ever changing world of Information Technology, the process to up-start a team that has the skills and temperament is both complicated and expensive

We provide clients quick access to a cohesive team of developers, UI/UX designers, QA experts and Project Managers

Our teams blend with your team operating on common goals, tools, processes & time

We evolve with you – expanding, learning & integrating as we go

Need to give a boost to your current team?

Organizations experiencing an unplanned work volume increase

Organizations with high overhead cost unable to capitalize on new opportunities

Entrepreneurial funded start-ups in need of a rapid prototype 

Organizations that need to scale and control their development team

Organizations that need an introduction to a monitored offshore model of development 

Who can Benefit


We undertake the recruitment, on-boarding, training & ongoing education of our team members

Distributed teams are led by US based project manager to facilitate transparency & integration

Our teams are 100% Agile and we offer workhours time lap for better communication 

Teams / Individuals are also available for permanent transition to client

We undertake the following steps to assess & onboard our talent on client projects


Evaluate client needs & required outcomes to scope a solution to support & grow your team

Team Selection

Match the right person for the right job by carefully assessing experience, requirement and team compatibility


Procure necessary infrastructure, plan for configuration control, cover code & time bound agile colocation


Team begins assigned tasks using Agile Build-Measure-Learn cycle ensuring continuous communication


What makes up A TaaS team?

Typically, a Cardamons TaaS team consists of six individuals – 1 Project Manager; 2 Senior developers and 3 Junior developers, signed on a minimum contract. Our goal is to be flexible and design teams based on customer needs. For pricing, call us

Can I get a team based on my requirement?

Yes. Team members are assessed and selected by us with strong skill set and experience in your main service area  with a focus on fitment. 

Can I own the team?

The simple answer is Yes. Cardamons teams work with you on a time or project basis. However the team can be acquired on a permanent basis as well. 

Who owns the project outcomes?

The client leads the vision and Cardamons leads the management of the project outcomes. 

Our Process

Product Backlog

Prioritize list of all features desired in the product

Sprint Backlog

Identify list of tasks to be done by the Scrum team during the sprint


Complete all activities in the 2 or 3 weeks effort decided during Sprint Backlog

Daily Scrum

Stand up short meetings to inspect progress toward the Sprint


Testing - Documentation - Release Testing

We use Agile, a software development methodology to work in an incremental and an iterative fashion to help develop & make changes as we go.

Employing the Scrum framework of Agile, tasks are divided into sprints that are short time-boxed periods during which a team completes a set of amount of work. Sprint Planning and Scrum of Scrums meetings are carried out as well, to impart clarity, on a weekly basis.

Product Review and Retrospective meetings are done every week whereas Backlog Grooming is performed twice a week.

Cardamons not only provides you with appropriate talent for the job at hand but also ensures that each individual is skilled and undergoes continuous improvement.

Each project is carried out with a great deal of responsibility driving impeccable execution, which is our number one priority, as much as it is yours.