What our clients think of us...

Cardamons has successfully partnered with start-ups & large scale companies to expand their engineering teams and provide technical expertise on cloud, AI & machine learning applications. Read below to know more about our work.

“The Cardamons’ team has an excellent communication style, and they are always updated and prepared for meetings. Which is a big plus for me – As a part of a large corporation I spend a lot of time in meetings, but I have never come out of a Cardamons’ call feeling under-achieved. The agenda is always well executed!

The product is excellent, and the Demo session was well presented and extremely promising. Can’t wait to see the end result.”

Madhulika Srikanth, R&D Manager – Product Development Engineering Placement

“Lucian and the Cardamons’ team have been a pleasure to work with. Through our work together with Cardamons, I have gotten a front row seat to get a glance at their extensive knowledge and in depth expertise in key AI topics such as conversational AI, Natural Language Processing and information extraction.

More importantly, in the projects that we’ve been involved with together – the Cardamons team has done a tremendous job managing client expectations, providing extensive technical guidance and project management to ensure our clients receive top notch quality of delivery that they expect from IBM. I only hope to foster the excellent relationship and trust that we’ve built together with Cardamons by working alongside many more successful AI engagements.”

Neil S Bhargava, North America AI Practice Manager – Expert Labs

Lucy, a revolutionary AI-powered enterprise knowledge management system designed in Minneapolis partnered with Cardamons in 2017 to accelerate their introduction market.   

Cardamons multi-disciplinary teams including Machine learning, Java, Front end & Cloud experts helped to introduce the latest innovations in artificial intelligence to the knowledge platform. 

Distributed Agile philosophy enabled effective integration of processes, product frameworks & work hours to support customer expectations and increasing technology demand.

“Cardamons was able to provide us with an end to end solution with experienced AI /ML experts. That allowed us to extend our team naturally and grow 4x faster than on our own. It proved to be the most straightforward and efficient solution to scale” 

– Mark Dispensa, CTO Equals3

Mighty DoodleTM –is a phonics-based gamified lesson that assesses a student’s progress while they read and adapts the curricula to his/her individual needs.

Cardamons collaborated with Mighty Doodle and provided an agile team to cater to their unique and highly advanced development needs as they scaled operations to deploy the program in schools across the country.

Working on writing, speaking, and processing input plus using recognition engines built on the latest Apple iOS platform, the Mighty Doodle product team and Cardamons specialists built multi-sensory mini-games with real-time tracking and analytics to chart student progress. “Mighty Doodle™ as it is today would not exist without Cardamons’s help.

“Our relationship with Cardamons has been essential in our success with our pilot schools and will continue to be pivotal in the years to come.”

“Cardamons provides us a unique Team as A Service, something from which our foundation has greatly benefited. As we have grown, as did our development needs and Cardamons has been there for us day and night”