Entrepreneurial Services

Advice & Insight to laser focus your business!

We, at Cardamons started our entrepreneurship journey a few years ago and we completely understand the struggles founders and leadership teams face in managing and growing a business; few are getting what they want from their businesses.  Most feel frustrated, stuck and just plain overwhelmed. 

We have worked with several entrepreneurs and their leadership teams on developing their growth plan for systematic improvement. 

We offer business consulting services to help you get a grip on your business. We work with your organization to assess the issues; understand what makes the difference; guide you on how to break through every ceiling you hit; and design the path to change. 

Cardamons also offers services to launch effective marketing campaigns to make people interested in your offering. The first step in attracting customers & converting them to advocates! 

As a certified HubSpot partner, we help your team grow traffic, convert leads, track the funnel and increase sales for your business. 

Using the HubSpot All-In-One Inbound Marketing system, Cardamons can help bring all your marketing together to enhance your ROI. 

 – Drive targeted traffic to key web pages

 – Convert more visitors into qualified leads

 – Turn leads into customers with less effort

 – Track customers and report your impact on bottom line

 – Increase sales productivity by automating manual tasks

 – Manage sales pipeline in a CRM that sales people want to use

Based on data from HubSpot, companies can expect the following results within one year.

  • 3.3X increase in website visitors
  • 3.5X increase in leads
  • 2X increase in new business close rate
  • 79% of respondents saw an increase in sales revenue