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Artificial Intelligence

Cardamons specializes in implementing AI applications on-premise or in the cloud to enhance business processes.

Artificial Intelligence can really evolve itself to solve multiple problems of different complexities and magnitude.

Let us help you envision how AI can seamlessly integrate in your business operations to manage business tasks, customer expectations and talent management.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Digitize AI

Unlock data from any PDF, scanned document, photo, and unstructured format. Powered by AI, Digitize learns and makes your data available in a queryable form to expose insights and value in today’s locked data.

Digitize AI powers other applications including the HR Artificial Intelligence Chatbots.

Digital Transformation without the pain, expense, and time.

Enterprise AI Models

I based HR Bot enables your employees to easily find information on company policies, processes, assist in training, etc freeing the HR team mundane tasks.

Our system connects to your enterprise HR software and Social Platforms or Intranet -making it capable to reach and assist users. HR bots with their ‘always-on’ feature make employees feel empowered thus enhancing employee satisfaction.

IBM Watson Applications

We help infuse powerful AI capabilities into your enterprise software to optimize your business processes & workflows.

Watson Discovery

Uncover insights from your enterprise data stored in different formats across formats and locations to help make informed decisions.

Watson Natural Language

Advanced text analytics to extract keywords, categories, sentiment, emotion and more with a high degree of accuracy.

Watson Visual Recoginition

Deep learning algorithms to analyze images for scenes, objects, and other content to point outliers for business processes.

Kubernetes Dockers / Containers

Cardamons delivers full scale Kubernetes solutions to companies seeking to adopt the most advanced container orchestration tool available today. Our experienced cloud-native engineers will help deploy your applications in a smooth and cost efficient manner on the IBM Infrastructure or other platforms such as Azure or AWS

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