The Rise of TaaS & Distributed teams – you can find talent!

What is common between a group of educators working together to help students master literacy (Literacy Matters Foundation) and a team of tech gurus developing an AI-Enhanced BI platform to help marketers uncover business insights (Equals It is the approach that each of these organizations took towards achieving their goals faster than competition.

In today’s ever-changing world of Information Technology, it is not always possible for companies to rely on payroll employees to act on every business opportunity. Often times, in-house IT teams are either busy in ‘run and maintain’ operations or are sometimes ineffective to counter new challenges. This is where TaaS or Teams as a Service comes in – TaaS is a newer approach adopted by companies looking for rapid scalability and flexibility in operations while maintaining operating control. By opting to use distributed or off-shore teams, companies are able to add extra hands and/or new skill sets to meet deadlines & try new projects.

TaaS partners engage in recruitment, training & transitioning to provide a cohesive team – a team which is an extension of you – a team that imbibes your culture and work practices. Unlike a typical outsourcing vendor, a TaaS partner offers you complete transparency & administration of the project.

The option of having an experienced team that one can count on to confidently take on any project is slowly turning TaaS into a game plan for competitiveness and agility. Approach your business intelligently – collaborate with a TaaS partner today!

Cardamons is a Minneapolis based TaaS provider that provide clients quick access to development teams with the option to own it. Working with a team of over 300 developers and AI/AR experts, the company assists organizations to bring their ideas to life. Cardamons teams have recently assisted Literacy Matters Foundation & in augmenting their in-house development to develop reading methodology & augmented intelligence platforms respectively. More at