What a week it was! Inspirational, intellectual and encouraging to say the least. The #TCSW last week was a powerhouse that brought together start-ups and big-league corporate entities such as 3M, Target, AWS, Cargill and many more. 

As Justin Kershaw – CIO of Cargill put it “startups and breakthrough thinkers help us see problems and markets differently than we do”. (https://medium.com/twin-cities-startup-week/letter-to-the-twin-cities-startup-community-by-justin-kershaw-cio-on-behalf-of-cargill-25fd61e24930) and #TCSW did a great job in allowing each of us to question the normal. 

In the healthcare track, the innovation our state brings with industry leaders such as United Healthcare, Optum, Medtronic, Abbott, Boston Scientific with their work on digital biology, genetic engineering, AI, blockchain is just mind bending – innovation ready to make us better humans. Maybe! 🙂

The start-up awards this year also had the spotlight right, with the distinction bestowed on companies leading the way on areas such as inclusion, impact, partnership & championship to name a few. We at Cardamons, were proud to sponsor the ‘Operational Excellence’ award bagged by Dispatch for creating a new-gen courier service for B2B industries. (https://tech.mn/news/2019/10/20/recap-of-the-2019-twin-cities-startup-week-awards/) Way to go Dispatch (https://www.dispatchit.com/)! 

One of my focus areas this year was to unearth how technology and/or technical experts could help bring start-up ideas to fruition. And there it was – analytics helping start-ups to grow, cybersecurity to keep ideas safe & the use of big data, IoT, smart devices in product planning, decision making & execution. 

Having worked in AI/ML & app development, I found the sessions from Amazon on ‘Machine Learning in schools’ ; ‘Design for learning in the age of AI’ and ‘Selling ed-tech products to schools’ quite engaging; particularly how difficult it is to sell in this overcrowded space.  

It also brought forth the challenges faced by startups that wish to produce state of the art products at lower costs while experiencing the need to control the data, idea & the development process. At Cardamons, we totally get that! It is never easy to hand over your ‘baby’ to a stranger despite the benefits. So glad we could hear these client pain areas & dispel fears around distributed teams working towards a single goal. 

Until next year, a big thank you to #BetaMN and #TCSW for providing the platform to startups to showcase how disruption works and ideas around culture, teams, growth and co-location. 

Happy to connect to further your startup journey.

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Lucian Moldovan – CEO – Cardamons.ai

Cardamons is a Minneapolis based TaaS provider that provide clients quick access to development teams with a complete control on security, process, tools & end-product. More at cardamons.ai