Digitize AI

Intelligent Unlocking of Unstructured Data

Digitize AI unlocks unstructured data in PDF’s, written forms, photos, and more.

  • Unlock Data with 93%+ Character Accuracy
  • Search and access data in seconds not hours, days, or weeks
  • Upload raw data into other systems or data store

No More Data Entry to Unleashing Data

Digitize AI Delivers 93%+ Character Accuracy with Searchable Results to Find Content Fast

Reduce Data Entry by 95% Through AI Automation

In any business, interacting with customers, partners, and venders generates
paperwork. Paper forms connect parties, generate an audit trail, and document a transaction with a signature.

Not all process are digitized, trapping data in an unstructured data format. And that data holds hidden insights.

Until now, the Solution is Data Entry & it is Expensive & Inaccurate

"At the level of complex thoughts, such as sentences, accuracy falls to 95% to 98%."

Author – Raymond Panko