About Cardamons

Cardomons' mission is to provide clients quick access to development teams with the option to own it

Cardamons and Equals3.ai = Success Story
Most frequent questions and answers

Cardamons was able to provide us with an End to End solution. That allowed us to just extend our team naturally versus having just a offshore vendor

We have been able to grow our team 4x faster than on our own.

They are our team. There is no line from who is us or them.

Cardamons and Literacy Matters = Success Story

The Literacy Matters Foundation is a growing team of educators, content experts, technology gurus and strategists who have come together to help students master literacy by leveraging technology, refining curriculum, nurturing relationships, and painting a vision of the world where we’re all on the same page. The keystone for achieving the organization’s vision is delivering proven reading methodology on a device driven platform that is relevant for today’s student.

Our relationship with Cardamons has been essential in our success with our pilot schools and will continue to be essential in the years to come.

What Susie, CEO of StatusNow, says

The guidance, brainstorming and patience really feels like we’re all working together to develop an amazing project. Whenever I had questions, no matter how urgent, I got responses right away. I never felt that I couldn’t be open to make sure we were all on the same page. Knowing I had a team of people all across the globe working to help bring my idea to life was very exciting.

Overall, I have had a very positive experience working with Cardamons. Lucian and his team were great to work with in every way. I am confident that I will be handed an amazing deliverable which has given me capacity to focus on other aspects of starting a company.

Check out our Testimonials

About your working with Cardamons and their US Oversight presence. "Its an amazing natural extension of our team"
Marc Dispensa
Equals3 CTO
About your control and flexibility with your team. "We control every aspect of the team. Down do how there network is controlled and integrated with ours"
About your growth in development needs that come with scaling. "It couldn't be more straight forward or simple"
Mighty Doodle™ as it is today would not exist without Cardamons help. Our relationship with Cardamons has been essential in our success with our pilot schools and will continue to be essential in the years to come.
Dan Heron
Senior Technical Project Manager
Cardamons provides us a unique Team As A Service, something from which our foundation has greatly benefited. As we have grown, as did our development needs
As we scaled to more and more locations, as did our backend needs. Cardamons has been there for us day and night.

Our Process

Product Backlog

Prioritized list of all features desired in the product

Sprint Backlog

List of tasks identified by the Scrum team to be completed during the sprint


All activities to be included in the 2 or 3 weeks effort taken from Sprint Backlog

Daily Scrum

Stand up short meetings to inspect progress toward the Sprint


Testing - Documentation - Release Testing

We use Agile, a software development methodology that works in an incremental and an iterative fashion. Agile helps discover what you truly want, thereby making changes along the way.

Employing the Scrum framework of Agile works well for any complex scope of work. It partitions tasks into sprints, which can be easily distributed within the team to achieve the outcome in the specified time. It becomes easier as daily scrums are carried out, enabling the team to stay updated on the progress. Sprint Planning and Scrum of Scrums meetings are carried out as well, to impart clarity, on a weekly basis.

Client Review and Retrospective are done every week whereas Backlog Grooming is performed twice a week.

Our team, which is YOUR team from Cardamons, specializes in Agile. Providing you with the right talent is an incredible task on its own, further ensuring each individual is skilled and that they keep evolving is our promise to youa

Each project is carried out with a great deal of responsibility driving impeccable execution, which is our number one priority, just as much as it is yours.